The Adventure at Schloss Hof

Noah is a spirited child. This means he is emotional, forceful, determined, relentless and sometimes so naughty that I stand by hopelessly wondering how on earth I should be handling him. I have met my match in this three year old boy. Many readers of my blog, mostly faithful friends and family, have said, “He’s so naughty!” or “I can’t believe his antics!” But there is so much more to Noah than that. If I only portray Noah in this way, I am doing him a disservice. Noah is also an imaginative, intelligent, loving, theatrical, splendiferous little boy. He is my treasure. He laughs easily. He delights in life.

Yesterday, we hired a car and set out to Schloss Hof, an immaculate palace near the border of Slovakia. The Austrians of old certainly knew how to make a palace. Noah had a great day (so we did too) and was not naughty at all…okay, so he was at bath time but this post is not about bath time!

Here are ten things simple things that Noah took delight in:

  1. A table in the car that he could put his drink, book and tablet on. Next time we need to buy a car, I’m getting me a VW Golf with tables in the back!
He even got in his car seat willingly
He even got in his car seat willingly

2. His snack bag. A couple of weeks ago he bought himself a Disney Cars lunch box in C & A with his pocket money. Yesterday I filled it with snacks, most of which he had eaten by the time we got to the schloss.

“I’m still hungry” said with a mouth crammed with food

3. Lots and lots and lots of space for him to run around in. Noah has issues with walking and usually wants to go on my husband’s shoulders ten minutes after setting out from the house, however, he has no trouble at all with running everywhere.

You can't catch me!
You can’t catch me!

4. The playground. Another thing Austrians do well. There are several playgrounds within walking distance of where we live and every main attraction has a playground. Back in England, it’s an effort to get to a playground – you actually have to get in the car and drive there!

Is anyone going to get off their bum and push me? Mummy? Daddy?
Is anyone going to get off their bum and push me? Mummy? Daddy?

5. A deckchair. There were a few deckchairs in the playground. Noah was so taken with them that we had to carry one with us to the picnic area, so the little lord could lounge in it whilst eating his lunch.

More apple juice, your highness?
More apple juice, your highness?

6. Hide and seek in unusual places: behind a tree, in a flowering rose bush, behind a set of wrought iron gates…the opportunities were endless.

You count and I will hide behind these gates!
You count and I will hide behind these gates!

7. Ice cream. Say no more for I myself delight in ice cream.

“I’m going to have a big, big, choc choc ice cream!” he says, then orders himself strawberry

8. Bits of gravel and a leaf. Since going on a scavenger hunt in the park this week where I told him stones, leaves, rubble, pine cones etc were “treasure”, Noah has now taken to collecting leaves and gravel and insisting my husband and I carry it around in our pockets. Yesterday, I was the leaf carrier and my husband the gravel carrier.

Picking up gravel, bit by bit
Picking up gravel, bit by bit

9. Music and dancing. Noah’s Vtech Innotab plays music as well as games and books. It’s helpful when we go to a restaurant to keep him busy for ten minutes. Here he is dancing to “A tisket, a tasket”.

Join in Mummy!
Join in Mummy!

10. Noah loves twisting spaghetti around his fork and then putting a quarter of a child’s portion into his mouth at once.

Noah with a child's portion (?!) of spag bol
Noah with a child’s portion (?!) of spag bol

My Noah, when you are grown up, your pickley ways will be admirable qualities rather than tiring ones. Never lose your love of life.

Mami 2 Five

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