Noah: A Short Autobiography

I have seen a questionnaire going around on some people’s blogs and on Facebook: people ask their children questions and write down their exact answers. They’re quite amusing. I tried doing it with Noah but I gave up at question 7 when he said, “I don’t know. Do you know?” to every question. But I thought it would be interesting to find out how he perceives his life, so I interviewed him and this is the semi-cohesive version of what he said:

My name is Noah. Sometimes I am called Pickle or Naughty. Mostly, I am called Noah. I am three years old. Am I still three, Mummy? Mummy says yes I am and I will be three for a very long time.

My house is in Vienna. It’s very big and I can scoot around or ride my bike from the kitchen to the front room to my bedroom. At our house, we have to get in a lift. One day we got stuck in the lift and a man had to come and let us out. I like my park at our house. It’s my favourite.

My other house is Nana-Papa’s house. We get on an aeroplane when we go to Nana-Papa’s house. I like my new pool with the slide and my trampoline and my garage at Nana-Papa’s house. If you take your shoes off, you can go on my trampoline.

There is another house that Mummy says is our house. People are living there. Mummy drives very slowly when we go there. She says I lived there yesterday when I was a baby.

I live with Mummy and Daddy and sometimes with Nana and Papa. Mummy reads books and puts me to bed and plays games with me. She is not good at having races with my diggers. Daddy is good at diggers and at football. Daddy likes Football Palace. Daddy plays with me.

I don’t like going to sleep. I don’t want to be on my own. When I wake up in the night, it is because of the big Buzzes. Lots of Buzzes. They wake me up for a very long time.

In Vienna, I go to nursery. I like seeing my friends at nursery. At nursery, we have to put our glass next to our plate like this. Sometimes I am sad at nursery. I want my Mummy to come back from shopping. And bring me a bun.

I know the letter ssssssssssss for snake and a for ant.

Sleep? Sleep is for wimps!
Sleep? Sleep is for wimps!


On the subject of letters, and of Noah’s autobiographical details, I am trying to teach him the alphabet at the moment. I have devised an alphabetical list of things he likes to help him, although, as he says, we have only done two letters.

The A-Z of Noah

a is for adventure (every morning he asks, “What are we going to do today, Mummy?”)

b is for Buzz Lightyear

c is for choc-choc

d is for dressing gown cord

e is for Euros (although that’s more of a u sound!)

f is for friends

g is for Gruffalo

h is for happy birthdays

i is for ice-cream

j is for Jingle Bells (which we are still listening to in June…)

k is for ketchup

l is for lolly

m is for music

n is for naked Noah

o is for ordering food in restaurants (Noah doesn’t like people ordering for him)

p is for phone (mine)

q is for quiet time … (which only happens when he is watching telly)

r is for running

s is for scooter

t is for tent

u is for Uncle Matty

v is for Vienna

w is for willy

x is for xylophone

y is for Youtube

z is for zoo

That’s my Noah in a nutshelll.

C is for choc-choc
C is for choc-choc

My Noah and Me

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6 thoughts on “Noah: A Short Autobiography

  1. Liked this post, we are also still enjoying jingle bells and Christmas books with Fred in June. This morning he told me “Christmas isn’t coming mummy”… Think he’ll actually explode this year when it does arrive!


    • Yes, I’m sure he will. Noah loved leaving food out for Father Christmas and Rudolph on Christmas Eve. He was amazed when it was gone in the morning! It’s so nice to see how magic Christmas is for them!


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