Dressed Himself


This is what happens when your 4 year old goes to nursery, indulges in water play and is then encouraged to dress himself in his spare clothes. Yes, he looks like he is wearing some sort of trouser/skirt/cape combo, but, in fact, he is just wearing his joggers inside out.

P.S. My feet really shouldn’t be part of this photo but now that I have uploaded it, I cannot be bothered to go back and crop it and do it all again. I am comfortable enough with my feet and taste in socks to put them out there.


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16 thoughts on “Dressed Himself

  1. Hey, he could be on to some big fashion revolution with this look! Having the same issue with my four year old. Oh the combinations that she puts together (head in hands) #wickedwednesday Hopefully they’ll learn to start co-ordinating a bit better, bless them

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  2. I think your feet add to the photo. All you need now is a cuppa and you can truely say that he did it all himself! My other half has days like this too! He’s hopeless, hoping my son doesn’t take after him! YOur son looks so proud of himself too! #wickedwednesday

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